The homeopathic consultation

During the homeopathic consultation and in homeopathy in general, the person is treated at all levels and in relation to his / her environment.
The consultation with a homeopath is therefore fundamentally different from a visit to the general practitioner. The first consultation takes about one and a half hours. Follow up consultations are shorter with a maximum duration of one hour.

During the consultation you will be asked to tell about yourself. I will try to get to know you as a person and to gather necessary information about your complaint(s). It will be helpful if you can tell me exactly what you feel, when it started, what makes the complaint better or worse, how the complaint limits you in your daily life and what does it mean to you. I will probably ask you questions about your personality traits, habits and family history. This will help me to see the unique person that you are and to understand your condition better so that I can find the remedy that covers the whole of your symptoms and personal characteristics as complete as possible. For the well prescribed homeopathic remedy stimulates the appropriate response of your life energy required for the healing to take place.

In some cases you will get the remedy immediately after the consultation. In other cases I will need some time to analyse your case and determine the remedy. In the latter case, the homeopathic remedy will be sent to you by mail within a few days after the consultation. The detailed instruction on how to use the remedy will be provided.


How to prepare for your appointment

Before the consultation take some time to put your symptoms, complaints and medical history on paper. This in order not to forget anything during the consultation.

If you are taking medicines for your condition prescribed by your GP or specialist, please make a list of them. The medicines that you have been taking in the past might also be of interest, so write them down too. It is also possible to ask your pharmacy to print a list for you (but this will obviously cover only the period that you have been visiting that pharmacy).

To make an appointment or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

No GP referral needed. For a homeopathic consultation you don’t need a refferal from your GP.