Homeopathy helps with many complaints and illnesses.
Homeopathy is suitable for all ages.

Natural healing ability

Our self-healing system is often powerful enough. E.g. in case of a cold, flu or wounds, if we do nothing, our body will heal by itself.

Nevertheless, our self-healing ability can sometimes get stuck. That can happen due to a long-term tension (stress), accumulation of toxins from food, living or working environment and other causes.

So it can happen that we end up in a chronic condition, get a chronic disease or continue to “suffer” without apparent physical reason. Homeopathy can put the process of self-healing back on track in a gentle yet effective way. In this way, the cause of the disease and complaints can be tackled and long-term healing is promoted.

We only really get better when our system of self-healing gets fully functional again.

For which Complaints to visit a Homeopath?

Homeopathy is an effective healing system for a wide variety of complaints in adults, children and babies. In general, if the condition is in a reversible stage (there is no irreversible tissue damage), the patient can be treated with homeopathy with a favourable prognosis.

This applies to both acute and chronic complaints.


Children, who generally have higher vitality, often respond quickly and favourably to homeopathic treatment. If the complaints from their early age are treated with homeopathy, they strengthen their immune system and can sustain the common infections easily. It can also prevent the need for invasive medical procedures like tonsillectomy, ear tube insertion etc.

Some examples of complains and illnesses that can be treated successfully with homeopathy:

Acute complaints: flu, cough, ear pain, accidents, inflammations

Chronic diseases: headache, migraine, skin problems, insomnia, recurrent colds, allergies (such as hay fever), asthma, musculoskeletal problems, menstrual disorders, fatigue, mononucleosis, hyperactivity (ADHD), gastrointestinal symptoms

Psychological problems: shyness, depression, restlessness, anxiety, trauma

Pregnancy Complaints: nausea, fatigue, mood swings during pregnancy; symptoms after childbirth, postnatal depression

Homeopathy is highly suitable for the complaints associated with certain stages of life, such as e.g. infancy, puberty, menopause and aging. The list of complaints is not exhaustive. If you’re wondering whether homeopathy can work for you or have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.